Guest Sketch Artist - Zaira Ivette Sierra

Thanks, Zaira, for providing another beautiful sketch!


  1. I enjoy your blog - I have a question as I am new to using the sketches. Do the dotted lines mean that you cut the picture to fit and meet in the middle?
    Thanks for any help!

  2. Yes, Becki, the dotted line is where the two pages meet so you would have to cut the photo in half for this layout.

  3. Hi Becky! Thanks for your question.

    As Amy said, those dotted lines represent the page division, and yes, you need to cut the photo to follow this sketch. If you are obsessive with the measurements (like I am, LOL!) the piece on the left measures 2 inches, and the one on the right measures 4 inches. The photos on the right (both the tall uncropped photo AND the cropped 4-inch piece) are adhered flush to the left page border.

    With that said, here I have a confession: I don't really favor sketches that spread a single photo over two pages. Most of the times the cut falls over an important element on my photos (i.e., a face), and there's no way that I would compromise the image in favor of the design.

    Yet, there are moments when you get a photo that can be split between two pages, and still look good. This is when a sketch like this comes handy. And my best tip to work with this kind of sketches is: "Measure twice!"

  4. I was inspired by this sketch to create this 2 page layout: