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pattern paper and felt flowers:  American Crafts
rub-ons:  Making Memories
brads:  Happy Hammer
cardstock:  Bazzill

Sketch Organization

I wanted to share how I store my sketches.  I use to have two Cropper Hopper Photo Supply Cases but I recently went through my sketches and now have about 1/3 of what I originally had.

If I have a digital picture of the sketch, I print it directly on the 4 X 6 notecard.

If I see a layout that I like, I have templates that I have printed out and I draw the sketch on them.

Inside the photo case everything is sorted by size of layout, # of photos and orentation of photos.
1 photo horizontal 12 X 121 photo horizontal 8.5 X 111 photo horizontal 11 X 8.51 photo horizontal 8 X 8
and so forth. I do have some 5 X 7 sketches mixed in, but the majority are 4 X 6 photos only. 

How do you store your sketches?  Please leave a comment sharing how you organize and store your sketches.

I need your opinion!

I've heard some say that they like certain sketch artists because they include size measurements of the papers with the sketch.  Unfortunately, I don't have the time to do all of that with teaching full time during the school year and then doing training sessions in the summer.  So, I come up with some other ideas that might help.

I make all my sketches on graph paper. So I could also post my drawing (ignore the "X" on the pic as I always cross them out when I have created them on the computer), although sometimes I make changes to it as it goes to a digital format. For this particular sketch, I moved the pictures apart a little bit.

#1 - Sketch

I could also put this grid over the top of it.

#2 - Grid Overlay

Or I can put a grid behind it.

#3 - 1/4 in grid

#4 - 1 in grid

I would also ALWAYS include the original digital sketch, but would one of these other options help you out when using the sketch?  Please post what number(s) you would like to see whenever a sketch is posted.

12 X 12 - 86


cardstock:  Bazzill cardstock
pattern paper, felt flower and marker:  American Crafts 
letter stickers:  Chatterbox

BTW, this is my first layout in two years. I can't believe that I actually got something done!