Sketch Organization

I wanted to share how I store my sketches.  I use to have two Cropper Hopper Photo Supply Cases but I recently went through my sketches and now have about 1/3 of what I originally had.

If I have a digital picture of the sketch, I print it directly on the 4 X 6 notecard.

If I see a layout that I like, I have templates that I have printed out and I draw the sketch on them.

Inside the photo case everything is sorted by size of layout, # of photos and orentation of photos.
1 photo horizontal 12 X 121 photo horizontal 8.5 X 111 photo horizontal 11 X 8.51 photo horizontal 8 X 8
and so forth. I do have some 5 X 7 sketches mixed in, but the majority are 4 X 6 photos only. 

How do you store your sketches?  Please leave a comment sharing how you organize and store your sketches.


  1. Love this idea! Now I just have to figure out how to print on a notecard! Thanks!

  2. I store all my sketches on my pc only (usually). I've got them sorted by double or single pages and then by the number of photos. If I want to print them then I usually just do a catalogue print of the whole folder and store the print outs in a file.

    Lately my DT sketches I print out on an A4 page... I insert them into a Word document, size them to 8cm high and then fit about 6 on a page.

  3. I have a large collection of digital sketches, and I keep them in folders on my computer by single/double and number of photos, like Single_3 or Double_11 I don't worry about photo orientation, because a lot of times I modify the sketch anyway.

    Browsing through sketches on the computer is easy with Windows 7, because you have the option to view thumbnails, and adjust the size of the thumbnails. I go through and pick out a few that look like they might work with my photos, and look at those few up close until I find something that works.

  4. I don't have too much of an organization system. Some are in binders, some other in the computer, some other in their original books or magazines.

    I actually started to do exactly what you do with your sketches, and by other designers that have designed for 4x6 photos. But I'm going on such a slow pace...

  5. I've started storing all my sketches on my iPad! It's great - I have them sorted by number of photos and whether it's a single or double page. It's SO handy to take to retreats and crops and to just be able to swipe through. Sketches from the computer are easy to add, if it's a paper sketch I have just taken a photo with my phone and added it to my computer file.

    1. That is an awesome idea! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I store mine on Pinterest by number of photos.

  7. I store mine on pinterest all in one photo. I like it this way because I have to scroll through them all to find the perfect one. I often end up with another idea than I started with.