Super-Fast Pages with 4X6 Photos by Creating Keepsakes

Hey all you 4X6 photo fans! Have you seen CK's new special issue titled, Super-Fast Pages with 4X6 Photos? If you are a fan of this blog, this mag should be right up your alley. Unlike the first edition (which included layouts with pics 4 X 6 and smaller) this one is probably 95% 4X6 photos only (there are a few that are questionable)! You can even see one of my layouts on pgs. 84-85.


  1. congrats on the pub! i'll definitely keep my eye out :)

  2. I really would like this book but have not been able to find it. do you know place to buy it? thanks, Amy

    1. directly off the creating keepsake website under sale and clearance...hope this helps