Guest Sketch Artist: Zaira Ivette

Zaira had always been interested in documenting events and moments of life, but she formally went into modern scrapbooking in 2000, while trying to finish her degree in visual communication (she actually did). She taught scrapbooking classes for seven years back in her native Puerto Rico (when the concept of sketches had not shown into the market yet), and wrote her first scrapbooking article in 2002. In 2006, Zaira started her first scrapbooking blog, Scrapbook Latino, that evolved to become the current Hacer Scrapbooks. ("Hacer" is Spanish for "to make".) In 2010, she wrote her very first scrapbooking e-booklet for the Spanish speaking market. Zaira now lives in Florida, USA.

Zaira has been following 4x6 Photo Sketch since early 2009, when she read about it on a now-closed YahooGroup.

If you would like to be a guest sketch artist, feel free to e-mail me through my profile.

My apologies......

for not posting anything for awhile.  We've been in school for four weeks now (I was getting the room ready a week and a half before that) and it's not slowing down.  This year I've got a split class of 31 -  5th and 6th graders. I've been getting up at 4:30 to get into work at 6:00 and not leaving until 6:00 or later at night.  My weekends are full of more school work.

I don't know when I will be posting a sketch again, but know that it will happen!!!  If nothing else, I've got to have knee surgery soon and I won't have much to do but sit around the house. Plenty of time to sketch and post then (3-6 weeks of recovery depending on who you listen to).

Hopefully when I do come back, I'll still have some followers :)

12 X 12 - 70

I apologize for the time between posts.  With preparing my students for state testing, wrapping up the school year and training for a 1/2 marathon I've not had much free time.  School ends in two weeks so I hope to have more time to scrapbook. I do have some sketches already drawn in my book, but haven't had the time to create them in PSE....hopefully soon.

12 X 12 - 69


pattern paper:  American Crafts
letter stickers: American Crafts
embellies:  American Crafts
pen:  American Crafts
punch:  EK Success
cardstock:  Bazzill

12 X 12 - 65, 66 and 67

Lori posted on 2Peas that she was looking for 1 pages sketches with 4 horizontal photos, so I figured I'd see what I could come up with.  Here are the results:


I hope I don't offend anyone.....

but I wanted to put this out there.  I am a 5/6 grade teacher in the largest school district in Indiana.  With all the budget cuts going on, the district makes cuts where it can.  One of those places is technology, the district does not provide us with technology for the kids.  Most of my students don't have access to technology at home, so I'm trying to give them the opportunity at school.  If you would like to help them out, please visit my Donors Choose page.

Thank you for your time!!!

BTW, a new sketch will be going up tomorrow or Monday!!