12 X 12 - 32

Well, Michelle, here is your 12 X 12 2-pager. I just happened to have drawn this sketch this morning....

Here is a layout done by Monica:

Just want to throw this out there.....

School will be wrapping up for the year soon, so I will have more time to focus on scrappin'. YEAH!!!

I wanted to know if there were any sketches that you might be looking for. Just add a comment with the size of the layout: 12 X 12, 8.5 X 11 (vertical and horizontal), or 8 X 8; the number of pics and their orientations (vertical or horizontal); and whether it is a 1 page or 2 pager.

I generally make the sketches to fit my needs of the layout I'm currently working on. When I am just sketching without a project in mind I sometimes struggle with the number and orientation of the photos. I thought that it might make it easier if I worked from a list of needed sketches from fellow scrapbookers. Thanks!

12 X 12 - 31

A page by Roxanne McCleary

A page by Monica: